Friday, 16 April 2010

Paramedics required in Coral....

Cream rises to the top as they say and tonights blog bet Gentle Ranger did the business at a 15-2SP. What on earth are people betting on? This was value at 7-1 as it was a 4-1 chance in my mind so ridiculous that it drifted slightly! Nevermind, I never complain when value is about.

Paramedics were indeed rushed to the local Coral bookies after a punter (who NEVER wins when he bets on anything I tell him to) ran into some money by backing the advised selection and collapsed on the floor in shock.

That hopefully will keep him off my back for a few weeks as he fails to realise that I win loads, he just seems to back everything that doesn't win normally! First time for everything though.

On an unlucky note, I did as I suggested and left an inrunning bet at 20-1. Amazingly despite never being headed by a rival it reached 14-1 inrunning! Strange how people bet, but because I'd been slightly too greedy I never got matched at my requested odds. Nearly though! Still won well over a ton so adds to the nice ton and a bit I won on Wednesday with Duc De Regniere.

Cheltenham rocked this year, probably had 10 course winners in 2010! I'd have to look through every race run though to find the exact figure, but I bet I'm not a mile out!

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