Friday, 15 March 2013

Cheltenham Day Four: Vincent O'Brien Handicap Hurdle

So day 4 of the Cheltenham Gold Cup, I am taking into consideration the healthy prices of recent winners before ultimately selecting three horses I believe can do better and improve to take a hand in the finish of a very competitive handicap at 2.05pm. Recent history suggests that a horse that has raced at least three times during the course of the season, has an improved chance of gaining a result. Race fitness really is key to unlocking the winner.

This was yet another race last season where I was close, but not quite there, ultimately finishing third and fourth. This season I am aiming to move a couple of places further up the finishing list and am backing the following horses to succeed.

Cheltenham Day Four: Ground and Weather Issues

With the weather being an unknown and 4mm of rain predicted to fall on the track during the course of the day, I feel it is a little foolish making ready made selections ahead of racing and then diverting my own attention away from them as 'conditions' change.

Therefore I am going to reveal each of my bets today on a race by race basis and in periodic updates of the blog, Twitter and Facebook. So far it has been a disappointing run over the four days, but as always it only takes one to finish in front to change all that. Shakervilz ran an awesome race in the Cross Country but perhaps suffered from too much of a cautious ride from female jockey Katie Walsh. Ultimately finishing as runner up, at the advised 20-1 odds.

Hopefully I can get back on song this afternoon.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Cheltenham Day Three - Selections (Best Of The Rest)

Read on for my full line up of potential value bets in some of the lesser races on Cheltenham Day Three.

Cheltenham Day Three - Selections (Graded Races)

No time to dwell on what seems to have only been a satisfactory Cheltenham so far. One winner and multiple places combined to give us some bank money still to play with on Day Three. After a continuous flurry of four hour sleeps I have finally got myself back up to speed and I am alive and kicking, ready to do some damage this afternoon! It could well be worth a look into the Tote markets too, as some of the pay outs on Exactas have been quite huge!

This first instalment will look at the BIG three races of the day - the Jewson Novice, Ryannair Chase and World Hurdle. The latter contest will be the first open one for several years, due to the injury sustained by four times champion Big Bucks earlier in the campaign.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Cheltenham Day One: Best Of The Rest Selections

Having already compiled a relatively detailed analysis of the Graded events on Day One of the Cheltenham Festival, now is the time to hunt down big prices and find the remaining value in the handicaps. There is also the added intrigue surrounding the Cross Country Chase to unravel so hopefully somewhere we have a winner or at least a few good performances to show for this early Cheltenham effort.

Cheltenham DAY ONE: The Selections (Graded Non Handicaps)

Cannot sleep, mouth is dry, heart is racing, it must be Christmas Eve surely? I must be a child? No, it is simply the night before the greatest show on earth - The Cheltenham Festival 2013! It is the event that makes every national hunt enthusiast enriched with excitement, with the preparation of notes and hardened form reading analysis.

Emotions will fluctuate over the four days between anguish and ecstasy as some bets will land, others miss by a whisker or suffer a cruel blow, and then as always there will be the occasional flop. I am indeed being very generous to myself by suggesting only the 'occasional flop' will exist. Let us be sure, that out of the 27 contests we will suffer from flops no fewer than at least 18 times! History of my own bets will indicate this.

However, no matter what, if we do not bet beyond our means the whole event should prove to be a fantastic experience once more. Just bet safely and let us hope that we can kick off day one in scintillating style!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Final Session Before Cheltenham - Saturday At Sandown

First day of a very leisurely week off work, racing on terrestrial television for most of the duration and an exciting overnight stay on the horizon, in the Cotswolds, so that I can take in the atmosphere of my first attendance on Champion Hurdle Day All that is needed in advance of this week, is a pleasant return from the selective options I am interested in at Sandown. The main race of the day is the Paddy Power Imperial Cup which is supported well by a Grade 3 Novice handicap hurdle.

The ground today has turned heavy, so small bets are advisable on what could prove to be a difficult day.